Mike Nunez

My daughter and I arrived in Lugo, Spain on 3/4/20 for a difficult oral surgery to my right mandible due to the extensive damage from radiation treatments I received in 2005 after being diagnosed with cancer at the base of my tongue.

My surgery was performed by a world class team of Oral surgeons, dentists and scientists on 3/10/20. Kathrin was a  key member of that team.

My daughter and I met Kathrin on 3/5/20 . It was nice to be able to speak English with her. She was a calming force from the beginning to the end of our 2 month stay in Lugo under difficult conditions. She has been so very generous with her time, advice and nutritional guidance from the day we met her to this present day. My daughter and I were blessed to have met her and the outstanding team of professionals that operated on me.

Kathrin has the following qualities : Knowledge, caring,  compassion, calmness ( and the ability to calm others ), truthfulness  , generosity and extreme  intelligence. Along with the qualities I mentioned, Kathrin takes a holistic approach to dentistry and medicine, always thinking about the big picture. She makes unbelievable medicinal chocolates that helped during my healing process.

Kathrin took care of my daughter and I spiritually, physically, nutrionally and mentally during our 2 month stay in Lugo. We will never forget her !!!

Mike Nunez

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