Cleaning of bone lesions /cavitations/ NICOs

Bone lesions or cavitations in the mouth are usually found where a tooth has been removed, and the bone has not healed or filled in properly. 

The occurence of a spongy area or hole in the jaw bone can potentially be seen on a dental x-ray / panoramic Scans but needs verifying with a 3D Scan called CBCT. 

An OPG xray is a wide view picture of the lower face, which shows:

a) All the teeth on both upper and lower jaws and the lower part of your sinuses are MOST OFTEN found

b) Root treated teeth that you might have, infections, cavitations or any pathologies.

c) The notation, amount as well as the growth of all the teeth including those that have not yet come through.

A CBCT is a cone beam computer tomography which allows us to see layers of your bone so we can better assess size of pathologies in your bone. 

Bone lesions / cavitation treatment is a small surgery which includes thorough cleaning of the bone and application of ozone therapy for disinfection.

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