Dental implants

Dr Kathrin places implants There are two types of implants, ceramic implants and titanium implants. While the two types appear similar in structure, there are many differences between them. Ceramic implants (which by the way are advantageous for those who respond sensitively to metals) are most often a one piece component and are made to look more like a natural tooth as the construction itself is metal free. Unlike the titanium counterpart there’s no chance of any grey metal being visible through your gums! The titanium implants involve a titanium base and an added abutment and a metal based porcelain bonded crown. The ceramic Implant will be covered with a ceramic crown. No metals or alloys are used at all. There are differences in terms of pricing, healing, and longevity. These questions will be addressed and discussed with you personally so that you can decide what is best for you.

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